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Metal stage of the IMZ implant with Pontic and Mesial male attachment to female attachment on distal of canine.


porcelain built dental implant

Porcelain build up on Implant case with attachment to K9.

inlay bridge

Three unit bridge with an inlay on the first upper bicusp.

implant ready for porcelain buildup

Metal frame work, ready for porcelain build-up.
12 unit metal frame

Twelve unit metal frame work with semi-precision attachments between 12 and 13, and 23 and 24 (upper lateral incisor and canine, and canine and medial bicusp.


milled implant
Milled implant case with milled grooves for 2nd dairy substructure.


dental substructure

dental substructure in place

Substructure in place, with Lingual screws.

imz dental implant

Full gold IMZ Implant case.

5 unit dental implant

5-unit Implant case with mesial male attachment to female attachment on the lateral incisor.


buccal dental view

Buccal view of Implant case.

Service is very important at Falcon Dental Laboratory. Cases are always double checked before packing, and pick-up and delivery is always on time, even world wide.


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