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At one time, Zirconium Oxide was too difficult and costly to work with because of its exceptional hardness.

That's now changed.

A research project carried out by the renowned Zurich Federal Institute of Technology found that Zirconium Oxide was actually pliable in certain stages.

That was when the material became economical in dental technology.

And yet it retained that eventual hardness, something highly desirable to a dental technician. Mark began using it the moment he could.

Falcon dental laboratory creates a wax mould of the teeth that need to be restored, to the exact specifications provided by the dentist. This wax form serves as the pattern from which a computer aided milling unit creates the Crown or Bridge from a solid Zirconium Oxide blank.

A ceramic veneer, color matched to the individual tooth, is then applied to the milled Zirconium Oxide unit. This achieves a highly desirable strength and natural looking appearance to the resulting product.

The Cercon® system is safe and operates flawlessly. Mark at Falcon Dental has a single source for his Zirconium Oxide – DeguDent® / Dentsply®.

If you would like to learn more about the fascinating steps involved in creating a dental restoration from Cercon® smart ceramics, please contact Falcon Dental Laboratory.

Mark Mumme, R.D.T. is also a highly regarded instructor in the use of all modern systems used in the dental trade and at Falcon Dental Laboratory.

cercon example                 Kind to Body and Teeth in Every Way          

Zirconium Oxide has been used in medical applications for nearly 20 years. As a result of long-term observations, the material may also now be safely recommended for the sensitive oral cavity. cercon example

No more tooth pain with hot or cold food and drinks.

Other important properties of a Cercon® restoration are very positive for the wearer. The surfaces of the veneering porcelain Cercon ceram S® ensure reduced plaque adhesion and thus support good oral hygiene.

What’s more, the all-ceramic restoration will have an excellent insulating effect and you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant sensations with hot or cold meals and drinks.

Cercon® smart ceramics may also enable more gentle treatment with less tooth preparation, thanks to the excellent hardness and qualities of zirconium oxide, the dentist may be able to preserve more healthy tooth substance – depending on the individual initial situation.

cercon system

Heat shields in the Space Shuttle, brake disks in Porsches or artificial hip joints in medicine.

  • All areas in which a very special material is being used: Zircon Oxide, an extremely high-performance ceramic.

  • It is a material that could have been created specifically for use in dental technology if not for the Space Shuttle!

  • It is naturally white, biocompatible and extremely strong and durable.

It withstands even the extreme stresses in the molar region. This was demonstrated in an impressive study done by the research group headed by Professor Peter Schärer of the Zurich University Dental Clinic and Professor Ludwig Gauckler of the renowned Zurich Federal Institute of Technology.

You can find information on this and other studies at

Now, for the first time, you can offer your patients Zircon Oxide all-ceramic crowns and bridges of up to four units, or bridges with an anatomical length of up to 38mm for the incisale and / or molar region.

These come with the reassurance that you would expect from DeguDent® / Dentsply® and Falcon Dental Laboratory.

                    All Advantages at Once: The Benefit to The Patientscercon example

The most convincing argument for your patient is without doubt the natural looking aesthetics achievable with Cercon® smart ceramics.

This is attributable to the high stability of the Zircon Oxide framework (for Bridges of up to four units) and its white colour.

What’s more, the ability to delicately contour the high-strength material that gives you the advantage of being able to retain a greater amount of healthy tooth substance than other all-porcelain treatments.

Slender bridge connections, guarantee optimum shaping of inter-dental spaces to benefit periodontal hygiene.

Cercon smart ceramics is the No. 1 choice from other health perspectives too. Zircon oxide is totally biocompatible, and with the bonding porcelain Cercon ceram S matched to the framework material Cercon base, you get a surface quality which provides the best conditions for good oral hygiene.

cercon example

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